Canada Speed Changer Industrial High-Speed Drive and Gear Manufacturing

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Commercial Bearing Service (1966) Ltd

Edmonton, Alberta
Telephone: 780-439-2026
Company profile for Commercial Bearing Service (1966) Ltd

Rapid Precision Machining

Kitchener, Ontario
Telephone: 519-748-4828
Company profile for Rapid Precision Machining

Santasalo North America Inc

Cambridge, Ontario
Telephone: 519-621-6390
Company profile for Santasalo North America Inc

Air Ground Equipment Inc

Granby, Quebec
Telephone: 450-378-8107
Company profile for Air Ground Equipment Inc

Alpha Gear & Machine

Cambridge, Ontario
Telephone: 519-650-0943
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Brook Hansen Inc

Lachine, Quebec
Telephone: 514-735-1521
Company profile for Brook Hansen Inc

Concord Gear & Machine Works

Concord, Ontario
Telephone: 905-738-4655
Company profile for Concord Gear & Machine Works

Duragear Limited

Scarborough, Ontario
Telephone: 416-431-0169
Company profile for Duragear Limited

Esci Inc

Saint-Constant, Quebec
Telephone: 450-632-5113
Company profile for Esci Inc

Flender Power Transmission Inc

Winnipeg, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-237-5995
Company profile for Flender Power Transmission Inc

Flender Power Transmission Ltd

Markham, Ontario
Telephone: 905-305-1021
Company profile for Flender Power Transmission Ltd

George A Minns Ltd

Burnaby, British Columbia
Telephone: 604-986-1100
Company profile for George A Minns Ltd

Golden Gear Ltd

Richmond, British Columbia
Telephone: 604-324-8882
Company profile for Golden Gear Ltd

Harvan Engineering Ltd

Woodstock, Ontario
Telephone: 519-537-8311
Company profile for Harvan Engineering Ltd

Leeson Canada Inc

Malton, Ontario
Telephone: 905-670-4770
Company profile for Leeson Canada Inc

Main Drive Gearing

Acton, Ontario
Telephone: 519-853-9663
Company profile for Main Drive Gearing

Precision Gears Inc

Mississauga, Ontario
Telephone: 905-565-8795
Company profile for Precision Gears Inc

Roulement National Ltee

Ottawa, Ontario
Telephone: 613-744-1161
Company profile for Roulement National Ltee

Rpm-canadian Bearings Ltd

Thunder Bay, Ontario
Telephone: 807-345-8166
Company profile for Rpm-canadian Bearings Ltd

S M Cyclo Of Canada Ltd

St Albert, Alberta
Telephone: 780-459-5255
Company profile for S M Cyclo Of Canada Ltd

Standard Machine Ltd

Uxbridge, Ontario
Telephone: 905-852-0346
Company profile for Standard Machine Ltd


Saint-Georges, Quebec
Telephone: 418-227-3335
Company profile for Usimax

Usinage Lebro Inc

Saint-Leonard, Quebec
Telephone: 514-327-5268
Company profile for Usinage Lebro Inc

Wallace Machine & Mfg Ltd

Vancouver, British Columbia
Telephone: 604-254-1377
Company profile for Wallace Machine & Mfg Ltd

Sew-eurodrive Co-canada Ltd

Brampton, Ontario
Telephone: 905-791-1553
Company profile for Sew-eurodrive Co-canada Ltd

401 Gear & Machine Co

Cambridge, Ontario
Telephone: 519-624-2021
Company profile for 401 Gear & Machine Co

Aamco Coussinets Inc

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: 514-324-8800
Company profile for Aamco Coussinets Inc

Alpek Machine Works Ltd

Calgary, Alberta
Telephone: 403-279-4277
Company profile for Alpek Machine Works Ltd

Boston Gear Of Canada Ltd

Mississauga, Ontario
Telephone: 905-625-1246
Company profile for Boston Gear Of Canada Ltd

Braidwood Gear

Montreal, Quebec
Telephone: 514-494-7200
Company profile for Braidwood Gear

Brook Hansen Inc

Langley, British Columbia
Telephone: 604-533-1580
Company profile for Brook Hansen Inc

Burlington Gear & Sprocket Mfg

Burlington, Ontario
Telephone: 905-632-5530
Company profile for Burlington Gear & Sprocket Mfg

Canaco Industries Ltd

Newmarket, Ontario
Telephone: 905-713-6507
Company profile for Canaco Industries Ltd

Cds Gear & Mfg

Vancouver, British Columbia
Telephone: 604-684-0416
Company profile for Cds Gear & Mfg

Cermar Gear Engineering Inc

Brossard, Quebec
Telephone: 450-444-2746
Company profile for Cermar Gear Engineering Inc

Cotswold Precision

Burlington, Ontario
Telephone: 905-335-2887
Company profile for Cotswold Precision

Desch Drive Technology Ltd

Cambridge, Ontario
Telephone: 519-621-4560
Company profile for Desch Drive Technology Ltd

Engrenages Lasalle Inc

Lasalle, Quebec
Telephone: 514-595-3490
Company profile for Engrenages Lasalle Inc

Kitchener Fine Gear

Kitchener, Ontario
Telephone: 519-748-5330
Company profile for Kitchener Fine Gear

Mearl's Machine Works Ltd

Kelowna, British Columbia
Telephone: 250-763-0109
Company profile for Mearl's Machine Works Ltd

Motion Canada

Quebec, Quebec
Telephone: 418-874-1110
Company profile for Motion Canada

Oshawa Gear

Oshawa, Ontario
Telephone: 905-723-9271
Company profile for Oshawa Gear

Raeside Equipment Ltd

Edmonton, Alberta
Telephone: 780-423-5171
Company profile for Raeside Equipment Ltd

Robust Gear Mfg Inc

Oakville, Ontario
Telephone: 905-827-4282
Company profile for Robust Gear Mfg Inc

Summit Gearworks Inc

Bright, Ontario
Telephone: 519-684-7575
Company profile for Summit Gearworks Inc

Townsend Tool & Machine Ltd

Hamilton, Ontario
Telephone: 905-560-6810
Company profile for Townsend Tool & Machine Ltd

Usinage Ra Inc

Saint-Charles-De-Drummond, Quebec
Telephone: 819-474-6995
Company profile for Usinage Ra Inc

Vps Gear Mfg & Machining Ltd

Scarborough, Ontario
Telephone: 416-332-9901
Company profile for Vps Gear Mfg & Machining Ltd

Stackpole Automotive Gear Div

Mississauga, Ontario
Telephone: 800-388-0628
Company profile for Stackpole Automotive Gear Div

Commercial Bearing Service (1966) Ltd

Edmonton, Alberta
Telephone: 780-483-7775
Company profile for Commercial Bearing Service (1966) Ltd

Canada speed changer industrial high-speed drive and gear manufacturing comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing gears, speed changers, and industrial high-speed drives (except hydrostatic).