Skyway Industries
73 East 35th St
Hamilton, Ontario L8V 3X9
Telephone: (905) 575-0004
Fax: (905) 575-0004

Company overview for Skyway Industries

Industry: All Other Industrial Machinery Manufacturing
Supply chain placement: Manufacturer / Processor / Producer
Year founded: 2004
Number of employees: Unknown
Annual sales: Unknown

Company profile

Manufacturer and Inventor of Bivalve Mollusk Shucking Machine, (scallop shucking machine)

Crab Meat Removing Tool (Exporting) this device sucks meat from cooked crab , Eviscerater (Scallop processing) (Exporting) We have a design of Eviscerater that is fast and efficient and the process does a clean job of roe on and roe off scallop.In , Air Movers (Exporting) 3/8"(10mm) to (6"150mm) Stainless steel Air mover ; used for moving liquid, plastic pellet, regrind, or many other small materials. , Pneumatics (Exporting) smaller automated machines, custom machines , Technical Support Out-License (Offering): Automated shucking machine (Exporting) This machine is a Manual simulation of shucking, will fit large-scale operations on land or on a vessel large deep-sea or inshore scallop dredge. Reduce labor increase your margin. Don't spend hours at sea shucking anymore. Suited for operations that would employ 1 to 30 Shuckers.

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Hugh Mccallum, President
(905) 575-0004