Canada Scenic and Sightseeing Transportation

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Les Croisières L'esprit Canadien Inc.

Saint-Tite, Quebec
Telephone: (418) 365-3662

Offrir le service de croisière passager sur le Saint-Laurent en été et aux caraibes durant l'hivers. Le navire est "L'Esprit du St-Laurent".service de croisière à passager de classe internationale ...
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Canadian Yacht Charters Ltd.

Gore Bay, Ontario
Telephone: (705) 282-0185

Yacht Charter Company & Marine Store providing Sail and Power Bareboat Yacht Charters in the North Channel of Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada.Bareboat Yacht Charters Bareboat Chartering , Marine Store ...
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Bull Pine Contracting Ltd.

Grande Cache, Alberta
Telephone: (780) 827-3711

We are a outfitting company operating out of Willmore Wilderness Park in Grande Cache, Alberta. We offer trail rides as well as excursions from 2 - 14 days into the Willmore. We also have have guided ...
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Pacific Pursuit Inc

Port Alberni, British Columbia
Telephone: (250) 724-0539

Fishing ChartersFishing Charter Fishing Charter
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Vancouver Yacht Charters Ltd.

Vancouver, British Columbia
Telephone: (604) 980-5458

Yacht Charter venue for up to 100 guest for meetings events and site visits. Vancouver Yacht Charters is the premier boat charter and event destination for beautiful Vancouver on the scenic shores of ...
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Heli Express Inc.

Quebec, Quebec
Telephone: (418) 877-5890

Helicopter charter (Med and Light)Helicopter charter worldwide (Exporting) Helicopter Services
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Croisière Marjolaine Inc.

Chicoutimi, Quebec
Telephone: (418) 543-7630

CROISIERES TOURISTIQUES Croisière sur le fjord Saguenay, tous les jours du 01 juin au 30 septembre. Départ de Chicoutimi à 8h30 et 12h30, de Ste-Rose- du-Nord à 10h00 et 13h00.
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Canadian Voyageur Adventures

Arnprior, Ontario
Telephone: (613) 623-9560

A family run business providing guided canoe excursions in heritage fur trade canoes. Historical eco-tourism on the Ottawa River and in Algqonquin Park. Packages from one to five days and custom ...
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Fex Aviation Inc

Uxbridge, Ontario
Telephone: (905) 940-5339

Full service helicopter charter company with bases across CanadaHelicopter Charter
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The Helicopter Company

Toronto, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 203-3280

helicopter Tours
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Desolation Sound Yacht Charters Ltd.

Comox, British Columbia
Telephone: (250) 339-7222

Yacht Charter
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École Croisière Mercator

Canton Tremblay, Quebec

L'École Croisière Mercator offre des formations, des forfaits croisières sur le fjord du Saguenay, des services aux entreprises dont de la Consolidation d'équipe, à bord de voilier de ...
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Choo Kwa Ventures

Port Alberni, British Columbia
Telephone: (250) 724-4006

Cultural Canoe Tours Choo-kwa Ventures offers canoe tours along the scenic Somass River and Sproat Lake within the Hupacasath territory in Port Alberni, B.C. These tours consist of the sharing of the ...
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Cooper Boating

Vancouver, British Columbia
Telephone: (604) 687-4110

Yacht Charters , Sailing School
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Humber Sailing And Power Boating Center

Etobicoke, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 252-7291

Yacht Charter , Navigation, Seamanship and Boat Handling Courses
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Cariboo Chilcotin Jetboat Adventures

Riske Creek, British Columbia
Telephone: (250) 659-5800

Jetboat River Tours we offer jetboat tours on central interior rivers of British Columbia,we would be interested in any type of study;wildlife,fisheries,geological,archeilogical or traditional use ...
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Casino Rama

Rama, Ontario
Telephone: 705-329-3325
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Humber College Sailing Ctr

Etobicoke, Ontario
Telephone: 416-252-7291
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Manitoba Lotteries Corp

Winnipeg, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-957-2500
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Bedford Masonic Lodge

Bedford, Nova Scotia
Telephone: 902-835-8813
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Beechy Community Rink

Beechy, Saskatchewan
Telephone: 306-859-2115
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Boyce Theatre

Calgary, Alberta
Telephone: 403-261-0531
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Brewster Transportation

Banff, Alberta
Telephone: 403-762-6767
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Chicopee Tennis Club

Kitchener, Ontario
Telephone: 519-894-5501
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Douglas Park Community Ctr

Vancouver, British Columbia
Telephone: 604-257-8130
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Kerrisdale Community Ctr

Vancouver, British Columbia
Telephone: 604-257-8100
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Loto Atlantique

Moncton, New Brunswick
Telephone: 506-867-5800
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Restaurant Giorgio

Salaberry-De-Valleyfield, Quebec
Telephone: 450-377-2622
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Saanich Commonwealth Place

Victoria, British Columbia
Telephone: 250-727-5307
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Savant Lake Recreation Hall

Savant Lake, Ontario
Telephone: 807-584-2283
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Security Gaming Management

Surrey, British Columbia
Telephone: 604-590-2365
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West End

Vancouver, British Columbia
Telephone: 604-257-8342
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West End Community Ctr

Vancouver, British Columbia
Telephone: 604-257-8333
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A Greeley Goodtime

Toronto, Ontario
Telephone: 416-362-2628
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Activites Communautaire B 12

Chicoutimi, Quebec
Telephone: 418-690-0717
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Aereo Gymnastics Club

Welland, Ontario
Telephone: 905-788-3266
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Alberta Environment Natural

Canmore, Alberta
Telephone: 403-678-5508
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Alderwood Swimming Pool

Etobicoke, Ontario
Telephone: 416-394-8738
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Algonquin Daytrippers

Toronto, Ontario
Telephone: 416-486-6440
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Allendale Bingo Assn

Edmonton, Alberta
Telephone: 780-430-9679
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Altadore Gymnastics Club

Calgary, Alberta
Telephone: 403-720-2711
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Argonaut Rowing Club Facility

Toronto, Ontario
Telephone: 416-533-3020
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Asahi Judo Club

Kitchener, Ontario
Telephone: 519-743-4998
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Banff Executive Tours Inc

Banff, Alberta
Telephone: 403-762-4226
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Bar Italia & Billiards

Toronto, Ontario
Telephone: 416-535-3621
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Beddington Heights Community

Calgary, Alberta
Telephone: 403-295-8836
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Beltline Pool & Fitness Ctr

Calgary, Alberta
Telephone: 403-221-3519
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Bil-nor Tillicum

Aiyansh, British Columbia
Telephone: 250-633-2549
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Bingo Bingo Uptown

Waterloo, Ontario
Telephone: 519-746-5888
Company profile for Bingo Bingo Uptown

Bingo City

Mississauga, Ontario
Telephone: 905-272-4640
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Industries in the Scenic and Sightseeing Transportation subsector utilize transportation equipment to provide recreation and entertainment. These activities have a production process distinct from passenger transportation carried out for the purpose of other types of for-hire transportation. This process does not emphasize efficient transportation; in fact, such activities often use obsolete vehicles,such as steam trains, to provide some extra ambience. The activity is local in nature, usually involving a same-day return to the point of departure. The Scenic and Sightseeing Transportation subsector is separated into three industries based on the mode: land, water, and other. Activities that are recreational in nature and involve participation by the customer,such as white-water rafting, are generally excluded from this subsector, unless they impose an impact on part of the transportation system. Charter boat fishing, for example, is included in the Scenic and Sightseeing Transportation, Water industry.