Canada Publishing Industries (except Internet)

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Quebec, Quebec
Telephone: +1-581-318-2018

Grandite develops and resells software tools for business modeling and application design. The traditional SILVERRUN suite is the keystone of our business. Grandite offers complementary customized ...
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Axiom Magazine

Scarborough, Ontario
Telephone: (647) 221-5113

AXIOM africa is a magazine designed for the African and Caribbean community living in Canada and the US, but accessible to all people interested in fashion, beauty and/or African and Caribbean ...
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Quo Vadis

Nepean, Ontario
Telephone: (613) 823-1939

This is a consulting, publishing company specialising in academic and general public literaturebooks for general public (Exporting) books
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Flowtracker Analytics Inc.

Thornhill, Ontario
Telephone: (905) 771-3825

FlowTracker Analytics Inc. is in the business of deriving customer behavior events and turning this information into marketing and management actions. Our goal is to enable you to retain, extend and ...
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Bride Guide

Kanata, Ontario
Telephone: (613) 291-8003

We provide a free guide to brides-to-be in the ottawa area, we supply a complete directory of wedding and bridal services in quality print advertising.Bride Guide Ottawa
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Invenia Technical Computing

Winnipeg, Manitoba
Telephone: (204) 298-7595

Invenia?s mission is to provide the world?s premiere forecasting systems for the needs of energy providers from generation to delivery. Growing on the success of its load forecasting software, ...
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Cavort Magazines Co

Victoria, British Columbia
Telephone: (250) 382-4931

Publisher of quarterly magazine for men.CAVORT Quarterly magazine for men
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Exocortex Technologies, Inc.

Orleans, Ontario
Telephone: (613) 762-4113

Exocortex Technologies, Inc. is a software services consulting firm which does analysis, design and development of innovative visualization, graphics and simulation solutions for clients in North ...
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Brampton, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 623-3143

Gamebience ("cFiniti Corp.") is a Canada-based interactive entertainment software developer and publisher.Cricket Life PC Game (Exporting) Cricket Life is a sports, management, strategy and life ...
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Belleville, Ontario
Telephone: (613) 771-1610

We are an independently owned, aboriginal publication that promotes issues and information relevant to aboriginal women in Ontario. 5000 copies distributed to Aboriginal organizations within Eastern ...
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Third Brigade Inc.

Kanata, Ontario
Telephone: (613) 599-4505

Third Brigade is a Canadian Company (HQ'd in Ottawa) that specializes in providing IT Security products and services to governments and enterprises around the world. Our world-class Host Based ...
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Unseen Works

Calgary, Alberta
Telephone: (403) 714-1795

Custom and packaged hardware and software solutions for the Internet to home, small, and medium sized businesses.Software Solutions Provides cost effective pre-built templates and applications ...
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Nortexis Images

West Vancouver, British Columbia
Telephone: (604) 729-6454

Fine art landscape photography publishing from local photographers. Images from Western Canada and Northwest US for home or office decoration. Posters, post cards, wallpapers, personalized office ...
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Flexinnov Inc.

Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Quebec
Telephone: (450) 545-9447

FlexInnov SurveyAssistant (Exporting) Web application to conduct online web surveys (including dashboard) , FlexInnov ProjectAssistant (Exporting) Project Management Office web solution. Let you ...
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We Communications Inc.

North York, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 444-5842

We Communications Inc. is an innovative creative design agency and publishing company with offices in Toronto and Winnipeg. ' We' can help you develop a wide range of quality promotional materials ...
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Bluec 802 Inc.

Kitchener, Ontario
Telephone: (519) 880-0741

blueC 802 is a software engineering company that builds phone call recording and fixed-mobile convergence solutions for businesses and organizations.blueButler iDR (Exporting) blueButler iDR ...
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Native Journal

Sherwood Park, Alberta
Telephone: (780) 448-9693

Native Journal Monthly National Newspaper FSC Code: T003-Advertising Services T005-Arts/Graphics Services T014-Print/Binding Services T015-Reproduction Services T099-Other Communication, ...
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Deluxe Real Estate Magazine Durham

Ajax, Ontario
Telephone: (905) 426-2361

The Deluxe Real Estate Magazine Durham is a franchise of Northern Homes Real Estate Magazine Inc. which was established in Sudbury Ontario in March 1987. Deluxe Real Estate Magazine is directed at ...
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Garden Making

Niagara On The Lake, Ontario
Telephone: (905) 468-1823

Seminars and publications for gardeners.Garden Making Publishing and seminars for gardeners FSC Code: T099-Other Communication, Photographic, Mapping, Printing and Publication Services
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Bc Contacts Directory

Burnaby, British Columbia
Telephone: (778) 834-9424

BC Contacts™ is a top rated, easy to use, regularly updated British Columbia, Canada business directory and marketing software package which saves you time and money finding clients, distributors, ...
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Erms Corporation

Oakville, Ontario
Telephone: (905) 829-8216

ERMS provides emergency notification and management solutions which help organizations to manage their vital emergency processes, enabling effective communications and handling of crisis situations ...
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Darwin Productions Inc.

Coldwater, Ontario
Telephone: (518) 312-4421

Corporate Business Intelligence Design and Related Services including CRM, Integrated Email, Project Mgmt, Accounting, Inventory Mgmt in a Customer Centric B2B Environment.Evolution Business ...
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Toronto, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 925-2249

Pearson Technology Group Canada is a preeminent publisher and a leading distributor of literary, reference, computer, business and self-help titles under such imprints as QUE, SAMS, TEXERE and ...
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E-procure Solutions Corporation

Ottawa, Ontario
Telephone: (613) 231-7116

e-Procure Solutions is the first true Internet Business Solution “IBS” provider in North America focusing on e-Procurement. Based on the Metaprise or private hub model, the company?s patent-pending ...
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Brantford, Ontario
Telephone: (519) 752-1002

A worldwide database of Dealer Driven Inventories each displaying their new and used product offerings. We represent the entire transportation sector on the Internet. Along with specialized ...
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Voxme Software Inc.

Richmond Hill, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 728-8754

Voxme is a Toronto (Canada) based company specializing in integrated solutions for international HHG removals and forwarding companies. We offer off-the-shelf and customized systems for in-house ...
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Quadrem North America

Mississauga, Ontario
Telephone: (905) 361-4990

eMarketplace services eMarketplace for the mining and metals industries
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Quadrem North America

Mississauga, Ontario
Telephone: (905) 361-4990

eMarketplace services eMarketplace for the mining and metals industries
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Allantra Learning Technologies Corp.

Edmonton, Alberta
Telephone: (780) 485-5500

Allantra's "AVANTI E-training System" enables typical workplaces to deliver their training to staff via the web affordably & effectively.AVANTI E-training System (Exporting) Web-based system enables ...
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Execugo Media

Toronto, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 214-7579

execuGo Media is educational media that means business. We enable you to succeed by helping you more effectively educate your employees and customers. We offer powerful, practical, award-winning ...
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Western Mariner Magazine

West Vancouver, British Columbia
Telephone: (604) 921-7209

Publisher of western Canada's leading professional marine magazine, Western Mariner.Western Mariner magazine (Exporting) Monthly publication for marine professionals on the west coast of Canada. FSC ...
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G-cube Solutions

Mississauga, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 902-5397

G-Cube Solutions is an e-Learning company headquartered in India, with a sales and marketing office in Boston, Massachusetts & Mississauga, Ontario. G-Cube specializes in developing custom content ...
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Ngrain (canada) Corporation

Vancouver, British Columbia
Telephone: (604) 669-9973

interactive 3D computer graphics simulation visualization e-learning training knowledge managementNGRAIN Solution (Exporting) interactive 3D computer graphics simulation, visualization, training and ...
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Unlimi-tech Software Inc.

Ottawa, Ontario
Telephone: (613) 841-2439

We provide file transfer solutions for: bulk data transfer, peer-to-peer file transfer, web based file transfer and file collaboration services. We use open standards like FTP, SFTP, FTPS or HTTPS as ...
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Digital Content Factory Ltd.

Winnipeg, Manitoba
Telephone: (204) 940-1070

Publisher of training materials and quick reference products for computer applications.Quick Reference Cards (Exporting) Computer application reference cards and on-line reference. , Computer ...
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Isacsoft Inc.

Montreal, Quebec
Telephone: (514) 282-7073

We develop and market World Wide Web based turnkey multimedia library automation systems for all types of librariesCOMPUTER SOFTWARE AND SERVICES - DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT (CHARACTER-BASED) (Exporting) , ...
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Jacques Boisvert Communications Inc

Beloeil, Quebec
Telephone: (450) 446-2006

Publishing, advertising sales, advertising campaignsPublishing, advertising, promotion Publishing, sales and advertising design, advertising campaigns.
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Sbg Digital Publications Inc

Toronto, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 961-7594

Transfer of complex documents such as collective agreements, directories etc. into digital formats. This allows instant and comprehensive searching and cross-referencing of large amounts of ...
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Flip Productions Limited

Nanaimo, British Columbia
Telephone: (250) 754-3547

First Aid Infoflip (Exporting) This infoflip is designed to help both novice and experienced First Aiders during medical emergencies at work or at home. It focuses on common First Aid practices and ...
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Slg Technologies Inc.

Nepean, Ontario
Telephone: (613) 224-1901

Providing Computer Consulting Services, including application development and supportMicrosoft Informatics Services/Support , Support Microsoft products Informatics Consulting Services , Software ...
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Eoptimize Inc.

Vancouver, British Columbia
Telephone: (800) 910-7373

eOptimize® is the smart scheduling company. Our About:Time™ suite of products automate the scheduling and management of business-critical activities and resources - not just rooms and people - so ...
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Knowledge4you Corporation

Markham, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 490-1994

IT consulting superior quality software development and consulting organization, with a balnce coverage of disciplines: e-Business Intelligence; Data Warehouse and webhousing; Knowledge Management; ...
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Womankind Press

New Westminster, British Columbia
Telephone: (604) 528-8042

As a small, independent publishing company, WomanKind Press seeks to promote healthy, respectful relationships between individuals and within families by publishing unique books by experienced ...
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Enterprise Magazine

Barrie, Ontario
Telephone: (705) 722-9692

Enterprise Magazine - with 100% Canadian content - is written to assist Canadian small to mid-sized enterprises with information, education, and mentoring.Magazine (Exporting)
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Support Excellence Inc.

Calgary, Alberta
Telephone: (403) 410-1954

Support Excellence operates integrated, multi-channel contact centers that reduce costs, increase customer loyalty and drive sales by providing customer and technical support services for small and ...
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Trident Newspaper

Halifax, Nova Scotia
Telephone: (902) 427-4235

Publishing, Newspapers , Publishing, Books
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Fashion Forecasting

Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Telephone: (604) 466-0392

Trends, color and styling forecasting services directed at the apparel industry. Services include bloc note, colorplay by Mary Gordon, Bill Glazer's. Reports and services, tinstyle, fashion box and ...
Company profile for Fashion Forecasting

Les Editions Neopol

Outremont, Quebec
Telephone: (514) 279-3015

Maison d'édition spécialisée dans les guides de consommation, les guides touristiques et guides pratiques.Le Petit Futé (Exporting) Guide de consommation pratique et touristique.
Company profile for Les Editions Neopol

Indigo Technologies Ltd.

Toronto, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 815-0759

Indigo Technologies Ltd. is a Toronto-based firm originally founded in 1997 as a custom software development consultancy. Indigo's own need for a time tracking and project tracking solution led it to ...
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Stragitek Corp.

Calgary, Alberta
Telephone: (403) 279-8726

Stragitek has been selected to be the E-Business designer for the Alberta E-Business Leadership Awards. Our experience staff belong to the Strategic Leadership Forum, the Certified Management ...
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Industries in the Publishing Industries (except Internet) subsector group establishments engaged in the publishing of newspapers, magazines, other periodicals, and books, as well as directory and mailing list and software publishing. In general, these establishments, which are known as publishers, issue copies of works for which they usually possess copyright. Works may be in one or more formats including traditional print form, CD-ROM, or proprietary electronic networks. Publishers may publish works originally created by others for which they have obtained the rights and/or works that they have created in-house. Software publishing is included here because the activity, creation of a copyrighted product and bringing it to market, is equivalent to the creation process for other types of intellectual products. In NAICS, publishing the reporting, writing, editing, and other processes that are required to create an edition of a newspaper is treated as a major economic activity in its own right, rather than as a subsidiary activity to a manufacturing activity, printing. Thus, publishing is classified in the Information sector; whereas, printing remains in the NAICS Manufacturing sector. In part, the NAICS classification reflects the fact that publishing increasingly takes place in establishments that are physically separate from the associated printing establishments. More crucially, the NAICS classification of book and newspaper publishing is intended to portray their roles in a modern economy, in which they do not resemble manufacturing activities. Music publishers are not included in the Publishing Industries (except Internet) subsector, but are included in the Motion Picture and Sound Recording Industries subsector. Reproduction of prepackaged software is treated in NAICS as a manufacturing activity; on-line distribution of software products is in the Information sector, and custom design of software to client specifications is included in the Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services sector. These distinctions arise because of the different ways that software is created, reproduced, and distributed. The Publishing Industries (except Internet) subsector does not include establishments that publish exclusively on the Internet. Establishments publishing exclusively on the Internet are included in Subsector 516, Internet Publishing and Broadcasting. The Publishing Industries (except Internet) subsector also excludes products, such as manifold business forms. Information is not the essential component of these items. Establishments producing these items are included in Subsector 323, Printing and Related Support Activities.