Plasticity Inc.
4620 Hilltop St
Pierrefonds, Quebec H9J 3L7
Telephone: (519) 502-5030
Fax: (514) 335-6010

Company overview for Plasticity Inc.

Industry: Industrial Mold Manufacturing
Supply chain placement: Manufacturer / Processor / Producer
Year founded: 2005
Number of employees: Unknown
Annual sales: Unknown

Company profile

Along with it's partner companies Plasticity S.r.l and Outil DIMCO Tool, Plasticity Inc. designs and manufactures plastic injection moulds and plastic blow moulds for the consumer, recreational, plumbing, packaging and automotive industries. Leading edge technology and old world craftmanship combine to give our customers the advantage of working with a tooling partner that can contribute to their competitiveness. Please visit our website for more details and contact information.

Plastic Injection and Blow Moulds (Exporting) Full design and manufacture of precision injection and blow moulds for multiple markets. FSC Code: R115-Contract, Procurement, and Acquisition Support Services R122-Program Management/Support Services R199-Other Administrative and Management Support Services

Die-casting dies manufacturing, Molds (except steel ingot), industrial, manufacturing, Molds for plastics and rubber working machinery manufacturing, Foundry casting molds manufacturing, Industrial molds (except steel ingot) manufacturing, Molds for forming materials (e.g., glass, plastics, rubber) manufacturing, Molds for metal casting (except steel ingot) manufacturing

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