Canada Optical Instrument and Lens Manufacturing

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Eye Opener

Surrey, British Columbia
Telephone: 604-591-9610
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George Papadakis

North York, Ontario
Telephone: 416-222-7788
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Aaa Stamp Coin Bullion Inc

Victoria, British Columbia
Telephone: 250-384-1315
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Betacom Bridges Inc

Inglewood, Ontario
Telephone: 905-838-1411
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Camtech Photographic Svc Ltd

Hamilton, Ontario
Telephone: 905-389-8545
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Iris Optometristes-opticiens

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: 450-687-4233
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Lunetterie Les Yeuxtistes Enr

Levis, Quebec
Telephone: 418-833-1322
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Maison De L'astronomie

Montreal, Quebec
Telephone: 514-279-0063
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Marc Gagne Optician

Quebec, Quebec
Telephone: 418-628-1313
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Cartes Timbres Monnaies

Quebec, Quebec
Telephone: 418-658-5639
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Akber Optical

Burlington, Ontario
Telephone: 905-634-3220
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Century Optex

Mississauga, Ontario
Telephone: 905-822-5464
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Cheryl Letheren & Assoc

London, Ontario
Telephone: 519-434-2221
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Clinique D'optometrie Iris

Saint-Jerome, Quebec
Telephone: 450-438-4647
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Eyeglass Factory Ltd

Thornhill, Ontario
Telephone: 905-881-1277
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Maycock Optical

Victoria, British Columbia
Telephone: 250-384-4175
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Science City Inc

Toronto, Ontario
Telephone: 416-968-2627
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Specs Appeal

Kitchener, Ontario
Telephone: 519-741-1233
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Vision Enhancement Svc

Kelowna, British Columbia
Telephone: 250-868-0400
Company profile for Vision Enhancement Svc

Canada optical instrument and lens manufacturing comprises establishments primarily engaged in one or more of the following: (1) manufacturing optical instruments and lens, such as binoculars, microscopes (except electron, proton), telescopes, prisms, and lenses (except ophthalmic); (2) coating or polishing lenses (except ophthalmic); and (3) mounting lenses (except ophthalmic).