Lifesource Water Systems Ltd.
7-1029 Speers Rd
Oakville, Ontario L6L 2X5
Telephone: (905) 339-2255
Fax: (905) 339-2522

Company overview for Lifesource Water Systems Ltd.

Industry: All Other Specialty Food Stores
Supply chain placement: Retail
Year founded: Unknown
Number of employees: Unknown
Annual sales: Unknown

Company profile

Retail store featuring Pure Water, water purification, water filtration equipment, water coolers, ionizers, ozonators and chlorine injectors. As well we promote healthy living through the use of Negative Ion producing units and environmentally friendly products.

pure water manufacturer and equipment supplier Negative ionizers, Reverse Osmosis water purifiers, Distillers and water filters for home and commercial applications. Retail water and water equipment sales, service and installation.

Coffee and tea (i.e., packaged) stores, Spice stores, Specialty food stores, Soft drink stores, bottled, Dairy product stores, Ice cream (i.e., packaged) stores, Water stores, bottled, Gourmet food stores, Tea and coffee (i.e., packaged) stores

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