Keen Projection Media Ltd.
5428 Kindos St
Burlington, Ontario L7L 7M9
Telephone: (905) 901-1900
Fax: (905) 901-1899

Company overview for Keen Projection Media Ltd.

Industry: Commercial And Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing
Supply chain placement: Services
Year founded: 2003
Number of employees: Unknown
Annual sales: Unknown

Company profile

High Impact Display Solutions: - LED billboards (indoor, outdoor and mobile) - Outdoor projection - Projection on XTReme screens (smart surfaces) - Content design and management -Mobile LED screens - Supplier of SpecialtyScreens and Smart Screens: Smart Glass, Magic Glass, Privacy Glass, Switch Glass, PrivaLite, 2WayScreen, HoloPro, TransScreen, SilverScreen, PowerScreen, LiteScreen

High-Impact Visual Solutions: LED billboards, Outdoor Projection, XTReme Screens High-Impact Visual Solutions: - LED billboards - Outdoor Projection, large/wide format - Projection on XTReme Screens - Content design, production and management - Supplier of XTReme Screens: Smart Glass, Smart Film, Magic Glass, Magic Film, Privacy Glass, Switch Film, Switch Glass, PrivaLite, PDLC, HoloPro, Lumin, TranScreen, PowerScreen, 2WayScreen, Tran Screen, Power Screen, 2 Way Screen, Super Nova

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Florin Bodnariuc, Partner/Associate
(905) 334-4339