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Surrey, British Columbia

Global Site Hosting services and website development.Website Hosting and Development (Exporting) Comprehensive website hosting provider and website development for personal and business users.
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Canada Shops

Little Britain, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 937-3992

Canada Shops helps with planning, registering, designing, hosting and supporting virtually all personal and business websites and business web and email applications. We can adapt email and ...
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Kovatec Inc.

Nepean, Ontario
Telephone: (613) 226-6999

The provision of electronic document management systems, document hosting and document scanning services.PaperVision (Exporting) PaperVision electronic document management application software. ...
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Im Builders Enterprises Ltd

Vancouver, British Columbia
Telephone: (778) 837-5866

IT Consulting on Data Warehousing, reporting and system developmentWeb Development Design and Development , Data Warehousing OLAP, database design and management, Data Warehousing, Cognos ...
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The Access Information Agency Inc.

Orleans, Ontario
Telephone: (613) 834-8054

Consulting Services in Access to informationAccess to Information ( ATIP) FSC Code: R199-Other Administrative and Management Support Services
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Idologic Incorporated

London, Ontario
Telephone: (866) 365-6442

Idologic Inc. is a provider of network services for medium and large companies. These services include but are not limited to web-hosting, database hosting, web-site design, domain hosting, ...
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Prodiserv K-do Plus

Sherbrooke, Quebec
Telephone: (819) 829-2506

ProDiServ offers a wide variety of online services including domain names registration and websites hosting. Our web hosting plans are offered at very low prices. We offer everything you need for a ...
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Platinum Hosting

Emo, Ontario
Telephone: (204) 480-8302

Providing Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Colocation, Web Design, Server Management and Programming services to North-Western Ontario.Web Hosting A website is a great way to get your business ...
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I-port Support Services Inc.

Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia
Telephone: (902) 625-7107

Innovations Port Incorporated (I-PORT) is a new business located in Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia that opened its doors in the spring of 2002. I-Port was created through individual, corporate and ...
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Touch Xperience

Brampton, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 907-9719

Services. Hosting. Websites. Graphic design. Marketing. Print.Websites and hosting (Exporting) Full e-commerce website and hosting
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New Winnipeg Media

Winnipeg, Manitoba
Telephone: (877) 974-4678

New Winnipeg Media is a privately and fully independently owned web hosting company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We primarily provide web hosting services, domain name registrations, hosted ...
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Deux-Montagnes, Quebec
Telephone: (450) 979-9242

Imaging and electronic storage of paper documents of all kind and sizesimaging and electronic storage Imaging,digitalization and electronic storage of all kind of paper documents FSC Code: ...
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Castech Data Services Inc.

Richmond Hill, Ontario
Telephone: (905) 763-1507

Provides data entry, data encoding, scanning, imaging, medical transcription, litigation support documentation, business process outsourcing, call centre for technical support and other data ...
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C.a.p.i. Inc.

Sainte-Anne-Des-Plaines, Quebec
Telephone: (514) 570-2274

General contractor in IS/IT French webhost with affiliate program 5 tiers. PHP, MySQL, cgi-bin, POP3, SMTP, FrontPage, Domain names. IT and Marketing Services.Computer hardware Computer and parts ...
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Amcon Research Inc

Arnprior, Ontario
Telephone: (613) 623-0913

Utilize XML standards and technologies to transform content into a live, reusable resource.Data Migration Services (Exporting) , Content Transformation Transformation of legacy content to SGML and ...
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Asf Design Inc.

Richmond Hill, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 410-9995

ecommerce solutions, web hosting, email marketing, search engine optimization, software developmentWeb Services Corporate Identity Design, Graphic Design, Website Design, Web Promotions, Web Hosting ...
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Think Inc

Vancouver, British Columbia
Telephone: (604) 638-1188

Think Profits is an internet sales and marketing firm specializing in custom website design and development for businesses. Having worked with more than 1,100 organizations and contributed over $100 ...
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Pacific Online Inc.

Vancouver, British Columbia
Telephone: (604) 638-6010

Pacific Online is focused exclusively on providing affordable and reliable hosting services. We provide our customers with in- depth technical expertise, highly specialized server/network ...
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Sunny Oasis Internet Corporation

Kanata, Ontario
Telephone: (613) 592-8785

Web site development and programming for the internet. Domain registration, hosting services, database interface, design, file management. Global exposure through the Internet with marketing and ...
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Cameo Systems Inc.

Calgary, Alberta
Telephone: (403) 569-8113

Cameo Systems delivers reliable network backup software for LAN or Internet based use. See and for more information.Reversion LAN / Internet Based ...
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Autotext Canada

Saint-Lambert, Quebec
Telephone: (450) 671-9917

AUTOTEXT Software: Document assembly system, generating MSWord documents. Used by lawyers, notaries, and by legal departments in banks and companies. , Software development Development of ...
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Centtric Marketing Systems

Markham, Ontario
Telephone: (905) 513-1414

Centtric's primary business is fulfillment of complex, customized time-critical information or product for our clients. This is provided as an integral part of our fully integrated, customer centtric ...
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Matrix Research Limited

Thornhill, Ontario
Telephone: (905) 707-1300

Matrix Research Limited Matrix Research offers data collection and data processing services customized for your needs. Services offered include: CATI interviewing with full monitoring, Programming ...
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Caron Couture Informatique Inc.

Chambly, Quebec
Telephone: (450) 447-3733

GÉNIE COMPTABLE Logiciel de gestion comptable intégré pour l'industrie de production de film pour le cinéma ou la télévision.
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Trigonix Inc.

Montreal, Quebec
Telephone: (514) 874-0443

Document scanning services (black and white, grey scale, color) : paper, microfilm, microfiches, aperture cards, slides, negatives, color negatives, photo, medical archives, historical books bound or ...
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Mcdougall Scientific Ltd.

North York, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 424-2092

data management and statistical consulting services for clinical research; strength is information management; extensive experience with Part 11 compliance issuescontract research organization ...
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Tradebytes Data Corp.

Vancouver, British Columbia
Telephone: (604) 484-2118

TradeBytes Data (Exporting)
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Groupe-acces Communications

Lachine, Quebec
Telephone: (514) 762-4000

GROUPE-ACCES is an Internet company providing reliable, secure and result-oriented Internet solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. We also provide broadband connectivity in rural and hard ...
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Macmillan & Kelly

Scarborough, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 282-3333

Data Entry Services done completely in Canada. Mail intake services. Mailing list and mail order processing. Post Administration Survey preparation and tabulation. File cataloging and bar ...
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Ams Imaging

Nepean, Ontario
Telephone: (613) 723-1668

We provide a full paper and micro-imaging conversion service bureau. We specialize in the scanning and electronic conversion of paper, microfilm and aperture cards, and microfilming of documents ...
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Elan Data Makers

Vancouver, British Columbia
Telephone: (604) 669-9366

Canada's largest data entry services provide with Branch offices in Victoria, B.C., Winnipeg, Manitoba and Calgary, Alberta. Head offices is in Vancouver, B.C.COMPUTER SOFTWARE AND SERVICES - ...
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Paper 2 Digital Disk

Perth, Ontario
Telephone: (613) 867-7233

Paper 2 Digital Disk is a provider of document scanning services. Speciality is Book and Ledger scanning. Backfiling scanning of paper archives.Document Scanning services Document Scanning service to ...
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Cover-all Computer Services Corp

Markham, Ontario
Telephone: (905) 940-1919

Specializing in Data Processing services including accounting applications, general insurance and direct mail. Provider of out-sourcing services for data processing, database systems, high volume ...
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Concept Clic Media

Saint-Bruno, Quebec
Telephone: (514) 592-3557

Fournisseur de Services Internet et Commerce électroniqueHébergement Internet, intranet Fournisseur de Services Internet et Commerce électronique
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Bird Web Work

Markham, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 937-8127

Internet Solutions ProviderWeb Hosting, Development, Design Web Hosting, Development, Design
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Storagepipe Solutions Inc

Toronto, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 657-2200

Storagepipe Solutions provides world-class remote data protection solutions including online backup and recovery, data and e-mail archiving and business continuity for small, medium and large ...
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Axis Database Marketing Group Inc.

Mississauga, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 503-3210

AXIS develops and implements multi-channel Customer Contact Solutions through database development, hosting and management. The scope of our services covers: - Strategic planning for the management ...
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Adm Solutions

Dominion, Nova Scotia
Telephone: (902) 561-6706

ADM Solutions is a new media outsourcing company that specializes in the transcription, captioning and annotation of multimedia files.Digitize IT - transcription, captioning, scanning, data entry, ...
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Nextgen Commerce

Mont-Royal, Quebec
Telephone: (514) 731-4000

Nextgen provides a collaborative e-invoicing web portal that sits outside the ERP system and allows external users (suppliers, customers) to transact financial documents outside of the ERP. The ...
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Datasar Inc.

Sarnia, Ontario
Telephone: (519) 337-5494

data processing (Exporting) data entry, data conversion, data transfer, CAD supporting services, bookkeeping / accounting, business / personnel management, medical billing agent (MRI)... , ...
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Debolt Data Depository

Edmonton, Alberta
Telephone: (780) 428-4992

Debolt Data acts, under a service agreement, as an agent to maintain and update MSDS files for our clients. Our client MSDS databases are web-based, confidential and secured by user ID and password. ...
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South Huron Office Solutions

Exeter, Ontario
Telephone: (519) 235-1840

office services office services including bookkeeping, word processind data entry.
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Duncan Systems Specialists Inc.

Oakville, Ontario
Telephone: (905) 338-5545

Leading supplier of cataloguing, processing, and database services for libraries. Library technical services outsourcing.MARC records (machine-readable cataloguing) (Exporting) , Cataloguing ...
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Jentar Electronic Business Solutions

Thunder Bay, Ontario
Telephone: (807) 627-9640

Home web design business offering a professional approach with a personal touch. Web sites created, modified, or updated. Will take photos for your web site. Hosting available. Hands-on training for ...
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Oakville, Ontario
Telephone: (905) 337-1679

Web Hosting & Development, & IT sales/support, Owner and developer of, &,Used off lease computers (Exporting) Re-selling end of lease computers and peripheral ...
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Calwest Printing & Reproductions

Calgary, Alberta
Telephone: (403) 265-1720

In business since 1978, CalWest provides Printing, Reproduction, Scanning & MIcrofilm Services.Photocopying , Digital color copying , Diazo reproduction , Microfilming , Scanning services , Plotting ...
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Baddeck, Nova Scotia
Telephone: (902) 295-2538

Our mission at is to provide a web design/hosting service for small or medium sized businesses to market their service or product on the worldwide web through effective presentation ...
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Avantis Networks Inc.

Thornhill, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 730-1040

Business Web site Development, Web Hosting, Customized Computer programmingWeb Hosting Web site hosting and development, Maintenance
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Baraka Streaming Technologies Inc.

Mississauga, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 471-4387

Baraka Streaming's mission is to providing world class streaming / webcasting to both the Canadian and international market. For streaming, our solutions include encoding services and support to ...
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Information Integration Enterprise

Mississauga, Ontario
Telephone: (905) 510-2228

We create applications, databases, tools, queries, and reports to assist organizations to streamline process, increase productivity and reduce cost.Information Integration Services include ...
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Industries in the Internet Service Providers, Web Search Portals, and Data Processing Services subsector group establishments that provide: (1) access to the Internet; (2) search facilities for the Internet; and (3) data processing, hosting, and related services. The industry groups (Internet Service Providers and Web Search Portals, Data Processing Hosting, and Related Services) are based on differences in the processes used to access information and process information. The Internet Service Providers and Web Search Portals industry group includes establishments that are providing access to the Internet or aiding in navigation on the Internet. The Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services industry group includes establishments that process data. These establishments can transform data, prepare data for dissemination, or place data or content on the Internet for others. In addition, the shared use of computer resources is included in the Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services industry group. Establishments that are publishing exclusively on the Internet are included in Subsector 516, Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and establishments that are retailing goods using the Internet are included in Sector 44-45, Retail Trade.