Canada Securities Commodity Contracts and Other Financial Investments and Related Activities

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Numed Canada/itis Consultants

London, Ontario
Telephone: 226 785 9128

Procurement Agents,Dealers, Investments Brokers, Financial Planners, Trade, Business and Education Consultants.Import and export. Turnkey.Specialising in Sustainable Development Projects in ...
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Variety Global Commerce Inc.

Coquitlam, British Columbia
Telephone: (604) 764-8385

Variety Global is strategically located at the Pacific Gateway city of Vancouver, Canada. With a strong presence in Asia, North America, and the Middle East, the VGC team prdes ourselves in providing ...
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London-chan Yin

London, Ontario
Telephone: (519) 438-1889

Financial Services: Financial Advise, Mortgages and Debts consolidation Services, Income Tax Preparation, Tax Planning Call today for FREE Consultation!Advise: Mutual Funds, Mortgages & Tax Planning ...
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Rockcliffe, Ontario
Telephone: (613) 749-7863

carbon fund management, carbon financing, advisory services, investment fund management, non-for-profit organization, foundation, development of projects which reduce green-house-gas emissionsCarbon ...
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Clark Avenue Company Inc.

Thornhill, Ontario
Telephone: (905) 882-4422

Investor Relations Corporate Communications Venture CapitalInvestor Relations/Venture Capital Investor relations and corporate communications services and venture capital introductions
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Pit Capital

Etobicoke, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 977-0042

PIT Capital is designed as an ideal business advancement platform that is mandated to fulfil its monetary credit mission and objectives in respect to the Canadian Infrastructure Solution program. It ...
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Sagewise Canada Inc.

Brampton, Ontario
Telephone: (905) 459-5514

Sagewise Canada inc is an investment company specializing in financial advisory services and retailing of financial products. Sagewise Consulting provides training in Business process methodologies ...
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Fundamental Research Corp

Vancouver, British Columbia
Telephone: (604) 682-7050

Equity Research on smaller cap companies. Securities adviser.Equity Research (Exporting) Value based equity research
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Solutions Financial

Burlington, Ontario
Telephone: (905) 331-7499

Solutions Financial specializes in meeting your needs at all stages of life. Solutions financial can help you build a financial security plan and offer you a broad range of competitive insurance, ...
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A & P Intertrust Corporation

North York, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 494-8512

The company provides incorporation of Ontario and federal corporations, business registration in Ontario, name searches and accounting services.Incorporation of Federal (Canada) Corporations ...
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First Nations Equity

Thunder Bay, Ontario
Telephone: (807) 628-8140

First Nations Equity offers financial and management consulting services on corporate financings, business partnerships, joint ventures, business development, impact and benefit agreement ...
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Osprey Capital Partners

Toronto, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 867-8282

Osprey Capital Partners is a mid-market investment banking firm specializing in public and private financing, mergers and acquisitions.Investment Bankers Osprey Capital provides financing, merger and ...
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Goldenwest Advisory Services Inc.

North Vancouver, British Columbia
Telephone: (604) 987-9143

One of Western Canada's pre-emminent financial advisors, Mr. Woywitka, a former executive director of a major international corporate and investment bank provides over 25 years of experience in ...
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Brownrigg-smith Consulting Inc.

Nepean, Ontario
Telephone: (613) 823-4342

Industrial Regional Benefits (Exporting) CORPORATE FACT Brownrigg-Smith Consulting(BSC), Inc is recognized as the leading expert in the Canadian IRB program. The company was established in 1998 and ...
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Hydro-québec Capitech

Montreal, Quebec
Telephone: (514) 289-2211

Hydro-Quebec CapiTech is more than a simple investor, it is a value-added, venture-capital company - in short - it is "smart money": - knowledge of the energy market and the major players; - ...
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Scotia Mcleod

Grande Prairie, Alberta
Telephone: (780) 513-3505

Full service investment and financial planning services. Member of : IDA, CIPF(Canada Investment Protection Fund)Full service investment and financial planning services
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Fonds Régional De Solidarité Ftq Nord-du-québec

Chibougamau, Quebec
Telephone: (418) 748-8180

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Millenium Financial Services Inc.

North York, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 491-1240

Insurance and Financial Services BrokerageCritical Illness Insurance , Life and Disability Insurance , Investment Funds , RRSPs RESPs RRIFs LIFs , Annuities , Medical and Dental Plans
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Salentica Systems Inc.

Toronto, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 366-3456

Salentica Systems Inc. provides Analytics and CRM software solutions for firms providing wealth management products and services. Salentica?s solutions address the needs of front line personnel ...
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First Capital Management Ltd.

Calgary, Alberta
Telephone: (403) 233-9352

Venture Capital
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Propulsion Ventures Inc.

Montreal, Quebec
Telephone: (514) 397-8450

Private venture capital fund dedicated to the software and Web 2.0 industry.Venture Capital / Private Equity
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Minotaur Management Services Inc.

Grande Prairie, Alberta
Telephone: (780) 539-4007

1) Business planning for new and existing business. 2) preliminary and followthru proposals presentations 3) financial services- corporate contracts and individual tutoring 4) desktop ...
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Valuation Solution Limited

Calgary, Alberta
Telephone: (403) 264-4038

Valuation Solution Limited is a professional firm offering financial advisory services to enterprises. The firm specializes in the appraisal and valuation of shares, assets and ownership interests in ...
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Invescope Inc.

Richmond Hill, Ontario
Telephone: (905) 707-5220

Invescope Inc. is a full service business. Financial, Retierement, Estate Planning Firm.Financial/Retirement/Estate Planning, Life/Disability/Critical Ilness/Long Term Care Insurance Risk ...
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Custom House

Victoria, British Columbia
Telephone: (250) 995-2440

Custom House provides foreign payment solutions for companies that need to pay foreign invoices or need to exchagne foreign receivables. Clients include both public and private corporations ...
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Morzoc Investments Inc.

St Catharines, Ontario
Telephone: (905) 682-4038

Miscellaneous Items (Exporting) FSC Code: 9999-Miscellaneous Items (includes only those items of Goods which cannot conceivably be classified in any existing Classes)
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Cambridge Mercantile Group

Toronto, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 367-4653

Consumers' Choice Award 2000, 2001Currency exchange We specialize in servicing the needs of corporations with their international receivables/payables. Global payments may be done online as well. ...
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Elliot Lake, Ontario
Telephone: (705) 848-0229

ELNOS is a community-based financing organization. Established in 1991 with $23 million, the mandate is to partner with businesses looking to establish, relocate or expand. Ultimately our goal is ...
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Grants International Inc.

Winnipeg, Manitoba
Telephone: (204) 989-5666

Thousands of Local, National and International Clients and growing. We save companies money. We do not charge until you have a cheque in your hands. Employment Insurance Refunds and overpayment ...
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Groupe Conseil Giguère Et Fréchette Inc.

Quebec, Quebec
Telephone: (418) 683-6605

assurance collective et rentes collectives.
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Accu-rate Corporation

Ottawa, Ontario
Telephone: (613) 596-0612

Full service foreign exchange broker. Retail and commercial purchase and sale of cash for 145 countries. Provision of cheques for 45 major countries with domestic clearing. Negotiation of incoming ...
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Growthworks Wv Management Ltd

Toronto, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 934-7777

GrowthWorks is one of Canada's largest and most active venture capital management firms. We provide venture capital financing to small and medium sized Canadian companies from coast to coast. The ...
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Pei Business Development

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Telephone: (902) 368-6300

Financial assistance to companies interested in locating operations in Prince Edward Island in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing sectors.Financing Provision of ...
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A.i.m. Group Canada Ltd.

Toronto, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 364-8464

A.I.M. Group Canada Ltd. is a Toronto based investment banking firm. We raise expansion capital for emerging and established companies and advise on their purchase and sale. The firm ...
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Nibiru Tactical Corporation

Burlington, Ontario
Telephone: (905) 319-2548

Nibiru specializes in commercializing technology for investors entrepreneurs. Nibiru Corporation has an investment organization called Nibiru Investments that provides venture capital for emerging ...
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Omni-rand Inc

Georgetown, Ontario
Telephone: (905) 873-7151

non-traditional (secondary) financing for emerging, growth oriented small and medium size enterprises ie facilities based on inventory, equipment, A/R, P.O.s, SR&EDs etcloans based on inventory ...
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Uni-can International Inc.

Edmonton, Alberta
Telephone: (780) 438-6409

Uni-Can International Inc. a well established group since 1989 dealing in trade and joint-venture investment pro- jects. Manufacturer's representatives and appointed as pur- chasing agents to ...
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Bankten Capital Management Ltd.

Toronto, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 783-8311

Bankten Capital Management Ltd. is a capital management pool working in concert with private and institutional equity facilities that serves to invests in medium to large enterprises requiring ...
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North Simcoe Community Futures Development Corporation

Midland, Ontario
Telephone: (705) 526-1371

North Simcoe Community Futures Development Corporation (NSCFDC) is supported by the Government of Canada and is governed by a local volunteer Board of Directors. It is dedicated to: • helping ...
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Insight Financial Corporation

Okotoks, Alberta
Telephone: (403) 995-9598

Insight Financial Corporation provides publications, software and advise to Canadian investors. Publications include our on-line investment letter, the IFC Tax Manual For Owner Operated and Home ...
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Sadc De Papineau Inc.

Gatineau, Quebec
Telephone: (819) 986-1747

Depuis 1985, la SADC a investi plus de 7 millions de dollars dans sa collectivité. Elle a donc participé à la création de 638 emplois et au maintien de quelques 742 emplois. Les sommes prêtées ...
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Djy Financial

Deer Lake, Newfoundland and Labrador
Telephone: (709) 635-4090

Financial Planner, fee for service. Broker for insurance investments, life, health, medical, travel insurance; airline ticket sales, event planner; research,writer, editor. D. Jean Young has been ...
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Penad Pension Services Limited

Kitchener, Ontario
Telephone: (519) 743-9000

PENAD offers TPA Services and Software Systems via PX3000, PENAD?S proprietary software solution. PX3000™ is a Web enabled system suite that provides solution modules for the administration of ...
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Streuber Financial Group

Winnipeg, Manitoba
Telephone: (204) 925-0010

Streuber Financial Group specializes in both personal and business financial planning. Areas of expertise include Life and Disability Insurance; Retirement Planning, RRSPs/RRIFs and annuities; ...
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Expéditions Nordiques D.m.g

Boisbriand, Quebec
Telephone: (450) 971-1825

all canadian product (Exporting) , broker general products (Exporting) We are base in Montreal and we have a great network of supplier serious in all product categorise
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The Commercial Capital Corporation

Toronto, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 599-4206

Commercial Capital Corporation specializes in financing mid-size Canadian companies. We are direct lenders where companies seek loans to help their businesses grow. Loan sizes are generally in the ...
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Royal Trust

Mississauga, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 616-8812

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Investors Group Financial Services Inc.

Grande Prairie, Alberta
Telephone: (780) 532-3366

Provide financial planning to individuals and business in a one-on-one basis, looking at retirement, estate and life planning as a complete package. Primary financial instruments are mutal funds, ...
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Thunder Bay, Ontario
Telephone: (807) 626-5180

ScotiaMcLeod has been a leader in the investment industry since 1921. As a member of the Scotiabank family, we are well positioned to keep you ahead in a rapidly changing financial ...
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Financière Banque Nationale

Montreal, Quebec
Telephone: (514) 879-2222

Lévesque Beaubien Geoffrion is a full-service investment dealer, and its Investment Advisors are well-equipped to accommodate all of an individual's financial needs. Lévesque Beaubien Geoffrion is ...
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Industries in the Securities, Commodity Contracts, and Other Financial Investments and Related Activities subsector group establishments that are primarily engaged in one of the following: (1) underwriting securities issues and/or making markets for securities and commodities; (2) acting as agents (i.e., brokers) between buyers and sellers of securities and commodities; (3) providing securities and commodity exchange services; and (4) providing other services, such as managing portfolios of assets; providing investment advice; and trust, fiduciary, and custody services.