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London, Ontario
Telephone: 5197026240

Strategist, Personal, Professional, Business
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Reach Your Potential

Surrey, British Columbia
Telephone: 604-375-9341

Life Coach (Exporting) Weekly telephone calls to motivate you to reach your goals. I ask direct questions and provide perceptive, unbiased observations. We brainstorm together for ways to move ...
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Sa Associates Canada Inc.

Scarborough, Ontario
Telephone: 4165587856

SA Associates Canada Inc is a Canada governmental different official bodies registered, authorized and approved higher education and career development consulting affairs Centre in Toronto based is ...
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Advanced Measures

North Bay, Ontario
Telephone: 705-476-1164

Consultant in Human Resources Selection, Test Construction, Police Selection, Educational TestingTesting Services (Exporting) Consultant in Human Resources Selection, Test Construction, Police ...
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École De KaratÉ Denis Paquet

Chicoutimi, Quebec

Since 25 Year , l' ecole d' arts martiaux Denis Paquet Pour apprendre à se defendre , l'ecole d'arts martiaux Denis Paquet enseigne le karate style Kenpo , le goshindo , le Kobudo.des technique ...
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Clifford Evans Training Centre

Cambridge, Ontario
Telephone: (519) 658-2444

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Second Nature Learning Services Inc.

Ottawa, Ontario
Telephone: (613) 745-3703

Second Nature Learning Services was founded in 2007 in order to serve the educational consulting and instructional design needs of its clients. Specializing in e-learning, we work with all types of ...
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The Training Bank

Toronto, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 698-8230

The Training Bank is a full-service, international performance assessment and education firm. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Our Mission is to help each organisation?s most important asset become ...
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Wellesley Consulting Services

Toronto, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 557-5127

Wellesley Consulting Services provides tailored risk management solutions, including firearms training, threat & risk analysis, security audits and evaluation, and other safety and security ...
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Harvest Moon Consultants, Ltd.

Bowen Island, British Columbia
Telephone: (604) 947-9254

Harvest Moon Consultants, Ltd. provides facilitation, community engagement, organization development and leadership development services. We also offer world class facilitation and leadership ...
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Integra Leadership Inc

Thornhill, Ontario
Telephone: (905) 764-7597

We were established in 2006 as a result of the market?s need for a global coaching organization. With a focus on NA, today we are a global market leader in delivering enterprise-grade coaching to ...
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Richard Blais Transition De Carrière - Job Search 50+

Boucherville, Quebec
Telephone: (450) 641-2362

We are a private training firm offering a training program to older 50+ professional qualified unemployed or already employed in order to maintain and develop skills by offering updating or linking ...
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Itsm Training And Consulting

Kanata, Ontario
Telephone: (613) 591-8600

ITSM Training and Consulting is an international professional services and education firm specializing in IT governance and service management. With offices in Canada, the USA, and India, our ...
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Laval, Quebec
Telephone: (514) 969-7808

First aid training, first aid kit and AEDFirst aid kit First aid kit for everything: office, industrial, activities, home. , Defibrillation (AED) Vente et formation sur des appareils de ...
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Diane King & Associates

Gatineau, Quebec
Telephone: (819) 682-6021

Diane King and Associates is a people engagement company. We specialize in transition and change management, process consulting and facilitation, team strengthening, training and coaching.Training ...
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People Builders

Calgary, Alberta
Telephone: (403) 708-0919

People Builders provides personal and professional development services to individuals and organizations. Service capabilities include: counselling, coaching, managing, touring, supporting people as ...
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Business And Industry Training Solutions

Edmonton, Alberta
Telephone: (780) 461-8889

BITS offers training for businesses and recruiters that are interested in importing Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW) to Alberta. We offer upgrade training that will give TFWs the knowledge required ...
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Phronetic International, Inc.

Toronto, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 792-0120

Tired of clients complaining about inconsistent performance from your employees? We will help you develop your "Next Generation Organizational Certification Programmes" so you will have consistent ...
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The Ice Hockey Institute

Scarborough, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 443-9522

Ice Hockey Schoo fro children between the ages of seven ( 7 ) to sixteen ( 16 ) years old.The Ice Hockey Institute, which provides ice hockey instruction. (Exporting) Ice hockey instruction for ...
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Flare Learning

Saint John, New Brunswick
Telephone: (506) 693-6933

Corporate Training Franklin CoveyLearning, Coporate Training leadership development, change management strategy, team building, sales, customer service, decision making, workplace health, stress ...
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Canada Global Centre

Richmond, British Columbia
Telephone: (778) 859-5133

Canada Global Consulting and Training Centre Ltd. (CGC), established in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, forms a net of relations of global work contributing to administrative activities and ...
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In Training Solutions Inc.

Innisfil, Ontario
Telephone: (705) 791-5267

IN Training Solutions is an eLearning and Interactive Media innovator. We specialize in developing online training and electronic presentations to support new and existing business needs. Our ...
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Reframed Learning Concepts

Springstein, Manitoba
Telephone: (204) 735-2347

Reframed Learning Concepts (RLC) is a consulting organization that specializes in Curriculum Design and Development and Recognition of Prior Learning systems. Established in 2005, RLC has ...
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J.e. Judd & Associates Inc.

Port Perry, Ontario
Telephone: (905) 985-6600

J.E. Judd & Associates Inc. provides comprehensive Training, Consulting, Development and Research capabilities for police, security and emergency management related issues. We bring together a unique ...
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Green Choi Kwang Do

Halifax, Nova Scotia
Telephone: (902) 441-3469

Choi Kwang Do is a revolutionary and unique martial arts program that is founded on the principles that its self-defense techniques should generate maximum force, be practical and easy to learn, ...
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Valoggia Mp & A

Ottawa, Ontario
Telephone: (613) 237-6336

Offre de services de formation linguistique en français ou anglais langue seconde aux fonctionnaires du gouvernement fédéral. Formation aux niveaux A, B et C des examens de la Commission de la ...
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Safecom Training Services Inc.

Edmonton, Alberta
Telephone: (780) 455-5090

We are a safety training and communications company. Popular courses we teach include: Fall Protection, H2S Alive and Confined Space Entry.H2S Alive Training Mandatory training for workers in the ...
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Ms Office Training Solutions/ait

Brampton, Ontario
Telephone: (905) 497-1081

AIT provides students all around the world many flexible options to make quality education a part of their life. We offer more than 2000 on-line courses and about 60 industry certifications. At AIT ...
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Spark Training And Coaching Associates Inc.

Toronto, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 977-0200

Caroline Williams and Aviva Shiff are the co-founders of Spark Training and Coaching Associates (SparkTaC ), Inc. SparkTaC offers innovative programs that enhance our client?s professional and ...
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Bill Nielsen

Iroquois Falls, Ontario
Telephone: (705) 232-6406

We are the only Certified Private Institution in Canada that is Licensed to provide teaching to students over the Internet to assist them in passing their 4th Class and 3rd Class Operating ( Power, ...
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Safety Coordination Services

Edmonton, Alberta
Telephone: (780) 485-3585

We specialize in customized Loss Control Management Training, Industrial Safety Training, Supervisory/Management Training, and E-learning systems development. Safety Coordination Services is an ...
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Your Choice Consulting

Regina, Saskatchewan
Telephone: (306) 737-4570

Technology consulting, trainingConsulting Desktop computer support and training Project management
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Carey Management Corp.

Kelowna, British Columbia
Telephone: (250) 869-1416

Executive Management Consulting. We work with entrepreneurs to analyze and recommend strategic operating direction.Executive Management Consulting Strategic direction and internal operations ...
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Cognimmune Corp.

Toronto, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 489-3570

Cognimmune delivers an online training program to be used as a proactive preventative treatment of mental and emotional illnesses such as depression, anxiety, stress, post traumatic stress syndrome ...
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Mivado Globalperformance Inc.

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: (514) 931-7896

Project management, Expert advices, Training, Good Performance Practices, Good Manufacturing Practices, Validation, Compliance, Manufacturing Process Optimization, Benchmarking, strategic monitoring ...
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Crystalmount Solutions Inc.

Calgary, Alberta
Telephone: (403) 667-7704

Crystalmount provides customized computer training solutions for businesses and individuals. We specialize in developing and delivering training to companies implementing new computer systems - ...
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Knowledgesurge Learning Solutions Inc.

Barrie, Ontario
Telephone: (705) 730-1130

Driver training and emergency management, incident command solutions for public safety and road transportation sector.Incident Command (Exporting) Incident Command_ Decision making simulator. ...
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Myers Hamilton & Associates

Stratford, Ontario
Telephone: (519) 272-3144

Myers Hamilton & Associates provides customized human resource training and organizational development solutions to help individuals and organizations achieve their full potential. We incorporate ...
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Griffiths & Associates

Calgary, Alberta
Telephone: (403) 374-1950

Certified Management Consultants offering consulting services focused on strategic skills analysis and development for organizations and occupations.Certified Management Consultants (Exporting) ...
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Maher Consulting Services

Burnaby, British Columbia
Telephone: (604) 218-3784

Contract awarded by Rogers Wireless Contract awarded by Simba Telecom to install a fixed wireless network in a third world country Contract awarded by a Capilano College to provide Consulting ...
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Hyalos Leadership Institute Inc.

Brooks, Alberta
Telephone: (403) 501-3766

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Complete First Aid Training

Sarnia, Ontario
Telephone: (519) 344-6539

CPR and First Aid training. On-site training available. Canadian Red Cross Authorized Provider. Also available, First Aid Coverage for public, private and corporate events. Please call for ...
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Autofluency International Inc.

Ottawa, Ontario
Telephone: (613) 327-9236

AutoFluency is a Canadian language training company, which provides ESL (English as a Second Language) training service to students in China, and provides CSL (Chinese as a Second Language) training ...
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Safety And Tactics

North Vancouver, British Columbia
Telephone: (604) 987-3281

Firearms Training - Canadian Firearms Safety Course and Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course. We also provide remedial and upgrade training for the armed professional. Custom courses are ...
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Etraining Room

Thornhill, Ontario
Telephone: (905) 731-4355

eTraining ROOM is the collaborative result of 2 highly successful and respected companies..... (1) Video Excellence Productions Inc., a company with over 20 years in the customizing of broadcast ...
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Montreal, Quebec
Telephone: (514) 983-6424 is a leader in online training for PMP® certification, CAPM® certification and PMP® re-certification. Since 2003, hundreds of PMP aspirants have worked with us to pass the PMP exam on ...
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Servitor Training Services

North York, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 848-6886

Servitor Training Services provides instructor-led hands-on computer training. Servitor teaches accounting and Microsoft software.Computer Training Microsoft and Accounting Software training.
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Winston College

Burnaby, British Columbia
Telephone: (604) 630-2069

Providing Diploma level education in Network Engineering, Software Engineering, Bioinformatics, Interior Design and Hospitality Management. Certificate level education in ESL, TESL and Office ...
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Applied Management Centre

Vancouver, British Columbia
Telephone: (604) 862-3953

The Applied Management Centre provides business management training and consulting. Our mission is “To provide strategic business management solutions that improve our clients? performance, ...
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Werdermann Elearning Inc.

Winnipeg, Manitoba
Telephone: (204) 224-3164

Werdermann eLearning Inc. is here to help you communicate effectively and make your organization more productive through high-quality, interactive learning and Internet solutions. We design, ...
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Industries in the Educational Services subsector provide instruction and training in a wide variety of subjects. The instruction and training is provided by specialized establishments, such as schools, colleges, universities, and training centers. The subsector is structured according to level and type of educational services. Elementary and secondary schools, junior colleges and colleges, universities, and professional schools correspond to a recognized series of formal levels of education designated by diplomas, associate degrees (including equivalent certificates), and degrees. The remaining industry groups are based more on the type of instruction or training offered and the levels are not always as formally defined. The establishments are often highly specialized, many offering instruction in a very limited subject matter, for example ski lessons or one specific computer software package. Within the sector, the level and types of training that are required of the instructors and teachers vary depending on the industry. Establishments that manage schools and other educational establishments on a contractual basis are classified in this subsector if they both manage the operation and provide the operating staff. Such establishments are classified in the educational services subsector based on the type of facility managed and operated.