Conveyor Transmission Inc
R.r. 2
Grand Valley, Ontario L0N 1G0
Telephone: (519) 928-2821
Fax: (519) 928-9909

Company overview for Conveyor Transmission Inc

Industry: Other Engine And Power Transmission Equipment Manufacturing
Supply chain placement: Services
Year founded: 2001
Number of employees: 3
Annual sales: Unknown

Company profile

Conveyor Transmission Inc. has over the past ten year provided products and components for the material and bulk handling industry. We provide sales and services related to Electric motors, Motorized Pulleys (Head Pulleys), 24V DC Rollers, Idler Rollers, Conveyor Belting, Conveyor Components and Conveyor Systems to this industry.

Motorized Pulleys (Head Pulleys) (Exporting) Motorized Pulleys (Head Pulleys) , Electric Motors , Gravity Rollers , Idler Rollers (Exporting) , Conveyor Belting , 24V DC Powered Rollers (Exporting) , Conveyors We supply Motorized Pulleys (Head pulleys), Inverters and Liverollers (Microrollers) for conveyor systems. We also supply Light Weight and Heavy Duty belts ranging from food to mining industry FSC Code: 3910-Conveyors 3990-Materials Handling Equipment, Miscellaneous

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Lute Prinsen, President
(519) 928-2821