Canada Air and Gas Compressor Manufacturing

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Comairco Ltd

Laval, Quebec
Telephone: 450-669-9117
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Eagle Pump & Compressor Ltd

Calgary, Alberta
Telephone: 403-253-0100
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Coastal Drill & Compressor Ltd

Campbell River, British Columbia
Telephone: 250-286-9885
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Copeland Canada

Brantford, Ontario
Telephone: 519-756-6157
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Hamworthy Belliss & Morcom Can

Brampton, Ontario
Telephone: 905-796-1250
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Provincial Compresseurs Ltd

Montreal-Nord, Quebec
Telephone: 514-325-5148
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J S Levesque Ltee

Riviere-Du-Loup, Quebec
Telephone: 418-862-2289
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National Compressed Air Canada

Mississauga, Ontario
Telephone: 905-897-9800
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2000 R Compresseur

Blainville, Quebec
Telephone: 450-979-3303
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Berkley Compressor Mfg

Red Deer, Alberta
Telephone: 403-885-2976
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Commercial Air Compressor Ltd

Markham, Ontario
Telephone: 905-415-7744
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Fuji Industrial Spray Equip

North York, Ontario
Telephone: 416-650-1430
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Kent Compressor Co

Windsor, Ontario
Telephone: 519-735-4979
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Paintronic Systems

Scarborough, Ontario
Telephone: 416-431-1433
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Precision Hermetic Rebuilders

Calgary, Alberta
Telephone: 403-287-2398
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Rental House

Leduc, Alberta
Telephone: 780-986-8451
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Gregoire & Fils Inc

Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec
Telephone: 450-796-4080
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Nordson Canada Ltd

Markham, Ontario
Telephone: 905-475-6730
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Pacific Engineering Inc

Pickering, Ontario
Telephone: 905-831-5025
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Compressor Systems Intl

St Catharines, Ontario
Telephone: 905-646-2340
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Earl Dutot Svc

Ruthven, Ontario
Telephone: 519-326-8578
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Enerflex Leasing Ltd

Calgary, Alberta
Telephone: 403-279-5561
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Enerflex Systems Ltd

Calgary, Alberta
Telephone: 403-236-6800
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Ingersoll-rand Canada Inc

Edmonton, Alberta
Telephone: 780-430-0335
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International Hydro-mist Spray

Burnaby, British Columbia
Telephone: 604-421-1616
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Iron Horse Compression Ltd

Edmonton, Alberta
Telephone: 780-462-6847
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Paintline Products Inc

Barrie, Ontario
Telephone: 705-721-9500
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Peintures Glidden-pomp'express

Saint-Leonard, Quebec
Telephone: 514-326-2474
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Propak Systems Ltd

Airdrie, Alberta
Telephone: 403-912-7000
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Bomont Energy Svc Ltd

Calgary, Alberta
Telephone: 403-266-6672
Company profile for Bomont Energy Svc Ltd

Canada air and gas compressor manufacturing comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing general purpose air and gas compressors, such as reciprocating compressors, centrifugal compressors, vacuum pumps (except laboratory), and nonagricultural spraying and dusting compressors and spray gun units.